Readers' Favorite REVIEW

Reviewed by K.C. Finn

Once a Man Indulges is a work of fiction in the historical mystery genre. It is aimed at older readers and was penned by author Tony Kelsey. The book follows the adventures of Harry Thorpe, a PI living in 1940s Denver who gets dragged into a plot to threaten his former mentor. Throughout the unfolding narrative, Harry Thorpe must survive close calls with a short-tempered mobster, a group of Nazis hiding in plain sight, and a femme fatale who could be the woman of his dreams if she doesn’t get him killed first. All this to save a hero who may not be all that he seems in the first place.

Author Tony Kelsey delivers a fast-paced and action-packed historical mystery novel. One of the most enjoyable things about this novel was the author's keen sense for creating atmosphere, which built tension and delivered clues through the use of clever dialogue and vivid description. I felt the author did a masterful job of adding twists and turns to the plot, whilst still ensuring everything was believable and made sense. Once A Man Indulges follows private detective Harry Thorpe who is a well-developed and engaging character, someone you invest in from the first page. Kelsey has crafted a diverse and interesting cast of characters, who all feel fully realized and further add to the intrigue and enjoyment of the story. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this novel to fans of well-written and immersive mysteries, and fans of hard-boiled detective stories.